Our Services

Our Services

Our Services:

  • Project Management: In  project  management  ensuring  compliance through ICH-GCP  guidelines, effective  planning  and  analytic approach,   AlfaCRO exceeds expectations through clinical trials of Phase I -IV. Furthermore, our  main  manner  of  business managing  is to  conduct  all of these steps accurately due to project   features. In the  scope  of  project  management  services, AlfaCRO provides management of all aspects of a clinical trial starting from even e-CRF design or  IEC & MoH / IRB submissions until the final statistical analyses of project database. Through all these processes AlfaCRO uses the latest technology  in the most innovative way. You may choose to partner up with AlfaCRO  for;
    • Phase I-IV Clinical Trials
    • Medical Device Trial
    • Submission Support :We are supporting to your study at the start up for Ministry of Health and Ethic Committe submission and aproval process, follow up, query answers and finalise the approval process.
    • Post Marketing Research Trial
    • Feasibility Evaluations and Site Selection Process : AlfaCRO provides careful and effective selection and evaluation procedure for research sites  based on both the needs of clinical trial itself experience.
    • Data Management : AlfaCRO data management results in unbiased and unfabricated trial database with minimum queries to solve.
    • Statistical Analysis: AlfaCRO provides fast and reliable results of statistical analysis of your clinical trial database using most up to date technology.
    • CROSS (Clinical Research Organization Software System) : Besides conducting  all  of  these we  handle  essential  trial  documents  by  using     AlfaCRO   provides  online document management, e-CRF designs,  and database security.


  • Site Management Organization: We could support study stuff with our trained and experined employees.
  • Asist Services: We are helping to you at the start up process, if you are aldready working in Turkey but do you need someone who could support your prepayments or document delivery or dossier delivery to ethic committes or anywhere you need.
  • Logistic Support: All customs procedures are carried out by us. Taking drugs from the custom to center. We could support you about reservetion of drug or destroying drug.

Also we could provide you supplier servie to if your study needs device support we could buy for you or we could rent devices for your study.

All calibration service could provide and follow by us.